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About us

Self-Made Custom Menswear is an elegant, stylish made to measure custom clothing brand. We make garments that reflects your Self-Made lifestyle. Self-Made is brought to you by Aimé and Brandon, a stylish and resourceful duo of go-getter young gentlemen who know that merely looking presentable is not enough.

“Men with the intent of rising higher in the world need to look in sync with the trends while making their own signature style statement”.

This philosophy became the core of Self-Made when Aimé and Brandon started sourcing their own tailored garments from Shanghai. Extremely happy with the quality and the custom fit of their suits, they sensed immense possibilities in turning their initiative into a full-time online enterprise. The duo decided to set up a company that would provide unique, custom designed and tailored menswear to gentlemen who are driven to excel in their own unique ways.

And thus, Self-Made took a stylish bow and it has been on a virtual encore ever since..